Our Staff

Our Staff

Our people at Paragon are PUMPED about helping our customers be successful! We love to see great results from brochures, direct mail, and other effective ways to market your company. We have a ton of talent and are able to help you with new ideas, cutting edge concepts and expertise communicating in print and all of your digital channels.


Macy Flash, President - MFlash@paragonpress.net

AJ Maranto, COO - aj@paragonpress.net

Customer Service

Brandi Williams, Customer Service Manager - Brandi@paragonpress.net

Heidi Harrell, Customer Service Representative - CSR@paragonpress.net

Sheila Barnes, Customer Service Representative - CSR@paragonpress.net


Carol Coe, Business Development - Carol@paragonpress.net

Henry Felsher, Business Development - Henry@paragonpress.net

Jill Butler, Business Development - Jill@paragonpress.net


Sabrina McKinney, Solutions Specialist - Sabrina@paragonpress.net

E.J. Schiro - Graphic Design Manager - Prepress@paragonpress.net

Tina Tomasek, Production Manager -Tina@paragonpress.net

Accounts Payable

Natalie Cagle, Accounts Payable - AP@paragonpress.net