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The Cutting Edge of Direct Mail Design

Looking to stay on the cutting edge of direct mail design? Personalization is always at the top of the “to do” list, but here are five other design trends that you should know. These approaches will not only make your mail stand out, but increase response rates, as well.

Personalized Maps

Did you know that you can add personalized maps to your direct mail pieces? Using special software, you can generate personalized maps from the recipient’s location to yours. Maps include street names, landmarks, and other identifiers along each recipient’s travel route, with the route highlighted in the color of your choice. Don’t just tell people to come to your location. Show them how to get there!

Foil Stamping

Metal continues to be a hot design trend, whether in industrial lighting or fashion that features glittering threads. In print and direct mail design, you can incorporate this look using foil stamping. Make sure to choose a smooth paper and minimize problematic elements like hairlines. Check with one of our designers for tips at the outset of your project.

Die Cutting

Engagement sells, and any time you add die cuts, people are more likely to engage with your pieces. They open and close them, run their fingers along the edges of the cutouts, and peek through the holes. Increasing engagement means increasing exposure to your message. This improves results.

Engagement Techniques

Whether it’s a pop-up design or elements that slide out, fold open, or move in some way, interactive elements are gamechangers for direct mail. Not only do recipients interact with these mail pieces over and over, but they are highly likely to share them with others, giving you pass-along exposure, too.

Informed Delivery

This is a program from the United States Postal Service that gives you multichannel marketing power for free. When people sign up for the service, they receive daily emails with digital images of the mail they will be receiving that day. This gives your audience a heads-up on marketing messages, promotions, and deals. Plus, you can add links to digital images that lead to a promotional website, increasing the power of the promotion. It also gives you mail tracking.

All of these trends improve engagement with your audience and increase the results of your direct mail campaigns. To get the best results, consult with us early in the planning so the project goes off seamlessly.