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Why Promotional Items Are Perfect Trade Show Giveaways

Stress Ball Promo Item

GIVEAWAYS are a great way to promote your business and drive sales! People love them and they keep them, which means your company name is seen over and over. Put your name on everything from shirts, keychains, koozies and mousepads to bags, coolers, umbrellas and flash drives and make sure your prospects and customers remember your name!

For many brands, trade shows are among the most popular ways to promote their business. But trade shows aren’t inexpensive, so it’s important to make the most of your investment. One great way to do this is to use branded promotional items to draw people to your booth and reinforce your brand long after the trade show is over. Here are three promotional items that should be on your list:

1. Branded Bags

Anyone who has gone to a trade show knows how quickly your arms fill up with booth materials. It’s a lot to handle! Offer booth visitors a branded bag to carry their materials in. They will take these bags everywhere they go, even into your competitors’ booths! Not only
will your bags make attendees feel grateful, but they become walking advertisements to other attendees at the show. Booth visitors will also use your bags long after the show is over, reinforcing your goodwill and helping them to remember you. According to the ASI’s Global Ad Impressions Study, branded bags are kept an average of 11 months and give you 3,300 impressions per bag. At a cost of $5 per bag, that’s a cost per impression of 2/10th of a cent. Plus, 50% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company that gave them a promotional bag.

2. Writing Instruments

Branded, promotional pens are inexpensive and have an extremely good return. We’re not talking about those cheap, throwaway pens. We’re talking about high-quality writing instruments. At trade shows, people are always looking for something to write with, so give them a pen with your name on it. Branded pens are kept an average of nine months and generate 3,000 impressions. At $1 per pen, that’s a cost per impression of 1/10th of a cent. Plus, 51% of consumers say they would be more likely to do business with the advertiser that gave them a branded pen. 

3. Calendars

Get a calendar into someone’s hands and they’ll be exposed to your brand every day for the next year. Promotional calendars that cost $3 have a CPI of only 3/10th of a cent. More women (37%) than men (20%) consult their promotional calendars on a daily basis, so know your audience. 

When putting together your “to do” list for your next trade show, make sure to include promotional items. Different items appeal to different audiences, so talk to us about matching the right branded products to your audience and goals.